File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.1

Release Notes

2007-10-09  -  PgBouncer 1.1  -  "Mad-Hat Toolbox"

  = Features =

  * Keep track of following server parameters:

      client_encoding  datestyle, timezone, standard_conforming_strings

  * Database connect string enhancements:
    - Accept hostname in host=
    - Accept custom unix socket location in host=
    - Accept quoted values: password=' asd''foo'

  * New config var: server_reset_query, to be sent immidiately after release
  * New config var: server_round_robin, to switch between LIFO and RR.
  * Cancel pkt sent for idle connection does not drop it anymore.
  * Cancel with ^C from psql works for SUSPEND / PAUSE.
  * Print FD limits on startup.
  * When suspending, try to hit packet boundary ASAP.
  * Add 'timezone' to database parameters.
  * Use longlived logfile fd.  Reopened on SIGHUP / RELOAD;
  * Local connection endpoint info in SHOW SERVERS/CLIENTS/SOCKETS.

  = Code cleanup =

  * More debug log messages include socket info.
  * Magic number removal and error message cleanup. (David Fetter)
  * Wrapper struct for current pkt info.  Removes lot of compexity.

  = Fixes =

  * Detect invalid pkt headers better.
  * auth_file modification check was broken, which made pgbouncer
    reload it too often.
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