File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.5.4

Release Notes

Linux: Unpack with

tar --extract --gunzip --no-same-owner --file=pfm-1.5.4.tar.gz

then follow instructions in README.txt

Windows: Unzip

then follow instructions in README.txt

Change Log

    - Bug 1060:

      Nr          : 1060
      Title       : Run time error in aggregate functions
      Description : A run time error in the aggregate functions of the report
                    generator like SUM, AVG and STDDEV occurs in the following
                      - the report is based on a LEFT OUTER JOIN;
                      - there is no record for the right table, i.e. nulls
                        are returned for the right table;
                      - the aggregate function is applied to an attribute of the
                        right table.
      Type        : error
      Priority    : medium
      Against     : 1.5.3
      Promised    : 1.5.4
      Solution    : Modification on aggregate functions SUM, AVG and STDDEV
                    such that null-values are ignored. So, for AVG and STDDEV
                    they are also ignored for counting the number of values.
      Originator  : wim
      Date        : 2007-10-29
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