File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.1.5

Release Notes

2007-11-19  -  SkyTools 2.1.5  -  "Enterprise-Grade Duct Tape"

Change Log

    = Big changes =

    * Lot of new docs [Dimitri Fontaine, Asko Oja, Marko Kreen]
    * Support for fkey and trigger handling in Londiste.  [Erik Jones]
    * Rewrite pgq.insert_event() and log triggers in C, thus SkyTools does
      not depend on PL/Python anymore.

    = Small changes =

    * pgq+txid: convert to new API appearing in 8.3 /contrib/txid/
    * Support psycopg2, preferring it to psycopg1.
    * Improved bulk_loader, using temp tables exclusively.
    * skytools.config: API change to allow usage without config file.
    * skytools module: quote_ident(), quote_fqident()
    * install .sql files under share/skytools in addition to contrib/
    * pgqadm: also vacuums londiste and pgq_ext tables, if they exist
    * londiste: provider add/remove --all [Hans-Juergen Schoenig]
    * backend modules support 8.3
    * pgq: switch pgq_lazy_fetch=NROWS for pgq.Consumer, which makes it use
      cursor for event fetching, thus allowing larger batches
    * txid: use bsearch() for larger snapshots

    = Fixes =

    * londiste fkeys: look also at dependers not only dependencies.
    * pgq.consumer: make queue seeking in case of failover more strict.
    * scriptmgr: dont die on user error.
    * pgq: there was still fallout from reorg - 2 missing indexes.
    * Due to historical reasons SerialConsumer (and thus Londiste)
      accessed completed tick table directly, not via functions.
      Make it use functions again.
    * londiste: set client_encoding on subscriber same as on provider
    * londiste: remove tbl should work also if table is already dropped [Dimitri Fontaine]
    * couple walmgr fixed [Martin Pihlak]
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