File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.0.3

Release Notes

2007-12-10  -  PlProxy 2.0.3  -  "Faster Than A Fresh Zombie"

Change Log

  = Features =

    * Explicitly specify result column names and types in query.

      Lets say there is function somefunc(out id int4, out data text).
      Previously pl/proxy issued following query:

        SELECT * FROM somefunc()

      And later tried to work out which column goes where.  Now it issues:

        SELECT id::int4, data::text FROM somefunc()

      For functions without named return paramenters, eg. just "RETURNS text":

        SELECT r::text FROM anotherfunc() r

      This gives better type safety when using binary I/O, allows signatures
      differ in deterministic ways and creates safe upgrade path for signatures.

      Only downside is that existing functions with wildly different signatures
      stop working, but as they work on pure luck anyway, I'm not worried.

    * Quote function and result column names properly.

    * Set client_encoding on remote database to be equal to local one.

    * Tutorial by Steve Singer.

  = Fixes =

    * Support 8.3 (handle short varlena header)

    * Support old flex (2.5.4)  Previously flex >= 2.5.33 was required.

    * Fix 'make deb', include actual debian/changelog.

    * Remove config paramenter 'statement_timeout'.

      It was ignored previously and it cannot be made work in live env
      when working thru pgbouncer, so its better to drop it completely.
      The setting can be always set via normal ways.
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