File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.0.4

Release Notes

2008-01-04  -  PlProxy 2.0.4  -  "Vampire-proof"

  * Fix crash due to bad error reporting when remote db
    closes socket unexpectedly.
  * Use pg_strcasecmp to compare encodings.
  * Log encoding values if it fails to apply.
  * Replace select(2) with poll(2) to allow large fd values.
    Old select(2) usage could cause problems when plproxy
    was installed on database with lot of tables/indexes,
    where Postgres itself could have had lot of files open.
  * Disable binary I/O for timestamp(tz) and date/time types,
    to avoid problems when local and remote Postgres have
    different setting for integer_datetimes.
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