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pqa v1.6 released!

Tom Copeland - 2005-11-28 19:53 - Practical Query Analyzer

Yep, after a long hiatus, v1.6 of the Practical Query Analyzer is out. It fixes a silly bug that prevented it from being run directly, it's got various internal improvements, and if you install it via RubyGems you can run it using "pqa -f file [etc, etc]". You can download v1.6 here:

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pqa v1.5 released....

Tom Copeland - 2005-02-09 19:05 - Practical Query Analyzer

...with numerous bug fixes and improvements, almost all of them done by Thomas Favier. PQA should return more accurate results and the normalization should work better, too. You can download v1.5 here:

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Welcome aboard to Thomas Favier!

Tom Copeland - 2005-01-21 03:53 - Practical Query Analyzer

He's submitted some patches and will be working on various things, including the "need to use the pid" issue.

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pqa v1.4 released...

Tom Copeland - 2004-07-27 19:45 - Practical Query Analyzer

...with several bug fixes to the syslog parser. You can download it here:

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pqa v1.3 released...

Tom Copeland - 2004-06-18 18:04 - Practical Query Analyzer

...with improvements to the MySQL log parser, a new "parse errors" report to assist when things go wrong, and a change - the default log type is now pglog. You can download it here:

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pqa v1.2 released...

Tom Copeland - 2004-06-08 20:54 - Practical Query Analyzer

..with MySQL log file support! Just use the "-logfile mysql" option for fun times.

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pqa v1.1 released...

Tom Copeland - 2004-06-08 17:44 - Practical Query Analyzer

...the syslog report now includes duration information, there are more text reports, and it runs a bit faster than 1.0. Good times!

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pqa v1.0 released...

Tom Copeland - 2004-05-17 20:10 - Practical Query Analyzer

...with a normalization improvement, better syslog support, and a couple of minor bug fixes. You can download it here:

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Example report updated

Tom Copeland - 2004-05-12 19:35 - Practical Query Analyzer includes an analysis of about 50,000 queries off the database behind

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Oh, and the updated documentation...

Tom Copeland - 2004-05-11 19:45 - Practical Query Analyzer here:

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pqa v0.9 released...

  2004-05-11 15:04

A newer example report...

  2004-05-07 19:33

pqa v0.8 released...

  2004-05-07 19:27

Web site moved over

  2004-05-06 02:04

CVS is here now

  2004-05-06 01:57

Here's an example report

  2004-05-06 01:28

PQA moved to PGFoundry

  2004-05-06 01:13
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