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Upgrade Completed: FusionForge 5.0.3

Marc Fournier - 2013-01-21 06:57 - Support

Tonight, I upgraded the site to 5.0.3 .. still have a few things to configure / test out on the backend servers, but the web site itself seems to be running fine.

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Upgrade Complete: FusionForge 4.8.3

Marc Fournier - 2013-01-07 04:44 - Support

Just finished the upgrade to 4.8.3 ... the next jump to 5.0 will be a bit more disruptive as it changes the on disk layout for the SCM (cvs right now) in preparation for allowing for different SCMs (ie. git) ...

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New features in FusionForge 4.7

Marc Fournier - 2012-12-31 04:47 - Support

First, it very well may be that these are features that were in the later gForge releases, and I just didn't notice them before, but just in case I'm not the only one.

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Just made the jump to FusionForge 4.7

Marc Fournier - 2012-12-30 07:36 - Support

I've just upgraded the code base and database to FusionForge 4.7, which is oldest version of FusionForge, when they forked the code base from gForge.

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Upgrade Completed to gForge 4.5.6

Marc Fournier - 2012-12-27 04:27 - Support

Today, I did the upgrade to 4.5.6 ... very minor upgrade as far as the database backend is concerned, so there shouldn't be anything new 'broken' ... in theory.

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CVS moved to dedicated VPS

Marc Fournier - 2012-11-24 06:45 - Support

I believe this should be the final piece that needed to be "split" from the central ...

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shell / project web sites moved

Marc Fournier - 2012-10-22 03:49 - Support

okay ... shell accounts and project web sites are no located on ...

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Server Move, Downtime April 15

Josh Berkus - 2006-04-14 21:39 - Support

pgFoundry will be down for a server upgrade for about 3 hours on Saturday, April 15th (EDT).

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pgFoundry downtime December 29th or 30th

Josh Berkus - 2005-12-22 05:06 - Support will be down for a couple of hours on either the 29th or the 30th for a server upgrade.

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pgFoundry upgraded

Andrew Dunstan - 2005-07-31 00:23 - Support

pgFoundry was upgraded to a newer version of the GForge software on July 29th. Please report any bugs that might be due to this on the Support Project bug tracker at

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Scheduled downtime

  2005-07-29 17:40

Scheduled downtime today

  2004-10-08 15:09

Update: Performance should be better now

  2004-06-28 20:36

AnonCVS problems should now be fixed

  2004-06-20 15:39

Anonymous CVS problems partly fixed

  2004-06-19 21:14

pgFoundry Open For Business

  2004-05-10 22:00

New support forums for pgFoundry

  2004-05-10 19:53
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