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Beta5 in the works

Greg F - 2005-08-18 10:20 - TrackerDB

I'm working on releasinb B5 sometime soon. Been adding some features - coolest would probably be using AJAX. I've been doing some testing on doing auto-completion on text boxes (my test case is the staff member on new ticket). Hopefully I'll finish sometime soonish and B5 can be released.

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Beta3 is up!

Greg F - 2005-07-08 21:54 - TrackerDB

Getting closer to a basic set of features. I've refined quite a lot and included a first draft, really ugly invoice for the workorders. I'm going to significantly revamp invoicing and release beta4. I'm thinking that as soon as I get the installer done and pagination added on open work orders that it'll be time to start on release 1!

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Beta release!

Greg F - 2005-06-30 19:37 - TrackerDB

This is the first beta release of TrackerDB. Try it out!

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Source found

Greg F - 2005-05-25 08:39 - TrackerDB

The source was presumed lost in a disk crash, but has been recovered. I've been busy working the code into something releaseable and will as soon as I get "new customer" written and add some input checking.

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