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PostgreSQL 8.1.4 packages for Solaris are now available

James Gates - 2006-08-02 17:40 - PostgreSQL packages for Solaris

PostgreSQL 8.1.4 packages for Solaris 10 (SPARC and x86) are now available for download. These packages are equivalent to the PostgreSQL 8.1.3 FCS packages, with Solaris patches applied (123590-01 or 123591-01 ) which update the distribution from 8.1.3 to 8.1.4.

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PostgresSQL 8.1.3 Solaris Packages - Production Release

Rob Stephens - 2006-03-03 21:20 - PostgreSQL packages for Solaris

The Solaris Packaging project has promoted the packaging release to Production/Stable (FCS). PostgresSQL 8.1.3 Solaris packages are now available for Solaris 10 on both Sparc and x86 platforms.

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PostgreSQL 8.1.2 Solaris packages now in beta!

Robert Lor - 2006-01-24 22:06 - PostgreSQL packages for Solaris

Beta PostgreSQL 8.1.2 for Solaris 10 packages are now available. Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris admins, please download and test and join the project mailing lists.

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Found some of the old packaging files...

Justin Clift - 2005-02-19 13:02 - PostgreSQL packages for Solaris

Whooo! Whilst tidying some old files I found these, the packaging info I used for creating the PostgreSQL 7.3.2 packages for Solaris 8.

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