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Intuitionistic Fuzzy PostgreSQL 1.1 released

Boyan Kolev - 2005-08-17 01:19 - Intuitionistic Fuzzy PostgreSQL

The new version implements support for probabilistic databases.

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Intuitionistic Fuzzy PostgreSQL 1.0 released

Boyan Kolev - 2005-03-07 16:30 - Intuitionistic Fuzzy PostgreSQL

IFPG supplements PostgreSQL with the functionality of an intuitionistic fuzzy relational database management system, i.e. stores intuitionistic fuzzy relations and processes intuitionistic fuzzy SQL queries. In brief, intuitionistic fuzzy set theory is an extension of fuzzy set theory, which claims that the degrees of membership and non-membership of an element don't sum up to 1 necessarily, thus leaving a particular degree of indefiniteness. Therefore, a fuzzy set is a particular case of an intuitionistic fuzzy set, so IFPG can handle fuzzy queries as well.

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