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Problem with big indexes solved

Dobrica Pavlinusic - 2005-05-29 21:43 - Search swish-e from PostgreSQL

Added error logging to file which should leave some trace why is your PostgreSQL failing (for example, if you don't reindex after swish-e upgrade). It seems that swish-e upgrade also solved problem with indexes larger than 7Mb.

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pgswish source code available in CVS

Dobrica Pavlinusic - 2005-03-05 00:14 - Search swish-e from PostgreSQL

I do development on local subversion repository. Also, since interest in this project is quite low (which is nice way to say none) I don't plan to release file releases. But, CVS repository on pgFoundary will be considered stable, so you should be safe to just checkout CVS and use it later to update your installation.

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