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pgestraier - full-text support with consistancy triggers

Dobrica Pavlinusic - 2006-09-01 01:49 - Hyper Estraier search for PostgreSQL

Current version of pgestraier adds insert/update/delete triggers (automatically created by helper script) to create full-text index selected columns in your table.

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pgestraier now supports node API

Dobrica Pavlinusic - 2005-09-10 22:38 - Hyper Estraier search for PostgreSQL

This is major and significant improvement because it allows Hyper Estraier index to be on separate machine (to off-load searching) and/or to update index while searches are accessing index.

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Search Hyper Estraier from PostgreSQL

Dobrica Pavlinusic - 2005-07-08 21:54 - Hyper Estraier search for PostgreSQL

Source code for this project is available from CVS repository here at pgFoundry.

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