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pg_reorg 1.1.9 released

Takashi Ohnishi - 2013-12-16 21:51 - pg_reorg

This is a maintenance update version of pg_reorg.

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pg_reorg 1.1.0 and pg_batch 1.2.0 released

Takahiro Itagaki - 2010-04-21 15:04 - pg_reorg

pg_reorg 1.1.0 has a feature improvement to reorganize heavily-accessed tables. Older versions could wait for another processes infinitely, but the new one only can cancel other transactions after wait-timeout passed.

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pg_reorg 1.0.4 released

Takahiro Itagaki - 2009-05-23 09:54 - pg_reorg

pg_reorg 1.0.4 supports PGXS and fixes some bugs.

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pg_reorg 1.0.3 released

Takahiro Itagaki - 2009-02-17 01:50 - pg_reorg

pg_reorg 1.0.3 supports PostgreSQL 8.2 and fix some bugs.

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pg_reorg 1.0.2 released

Takahiro Itagaki - 2008-12-15 01:31 - pg_reorg

pg_reorg can re-organize tables on a postgres database without any locks so that you can retrieve or update rows in tables being reorganized. The module is developed to be a better alternative of CLUSTER and VACUUM FULL.

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