Project Member List

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Member Username Role(s)/Position(s) Skills
selena deckelmann
Greg Sabino Mullane
turnstepSenior DeveloperView
Magnus Hagander
mhaSenior DeveloperView
Andreas Scherbaum
andreasSenior DeveloperView
Nikolay Samokhvalov
nikolaySenior DeveloperView
Joshua D. Drake
cmdJunior DeveloperView
Harald Armin Massa
ghumJunior DeveloperView
Euler Taveira de Oliveira
eulertoJunior DeveloperView
Jim Nasby
decibelJunior DeveloperView
Christian Kuroki
ckurokiJunior DeveloperView
Gevik Babakhani
gevikJunior DeveloperView
Shigehiro Honda
shigehiroJunior DeveloperView
Pavel Stehule
okbobJunior DeveloperView
Samer Abukhait
abukhaitJunior DeveloperView
Arthur Cesar Oreana
aoreanaJunior DeveloperView
Daojing Zhou
doudou586Junior DeveloperView
Andrej Ricnik
tinkJunior DeveloperView
devrimJunior DeveloperView
Federico Campoli
neothezionJunior DeveloperView
Mike Ellsworth
hemmaJunior DeveloperView
Gabriele Bartolini
gbartoliniJunior DeveloperView
Andrea Bettarini
abettariniJunior DeveloperView
Kostas Maistrelis
kostasJunior DeveloperView
Roberto Mello
rbmJunior DeveloperView
St├ęphane Schildknecht
sasJunior DeveloperView
Jaime Casanova
jcasanovJunior DeveloperView
Umair Shahid
umairshahidJunior DeveloperView
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