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Developer Summary Open Date Last Modified
Kris Jurka Contact Kris Jurka Admin View

Thomas Hallgren Contact Thomas Hallgren Admin View

Tom Dunstan Contact Tom Dunstan Senior Developer View

Johann Oskarsson Contact Johann Oskarsson Senior Developer View
Feature Requests 1011112 Use Annontations instead of DDL Manifest 60 Months Ago 60 Months Ago
Feature Requests 1011113 Provide a install or replace functionallity 60 Months Ago 60 Months Ago
Feature Requests 1011140 Support for type 'typmod_in' and 'typmod_out' functions 58 Months Ago 58 Months Ago
Bugs 1011206 The built in functions do not use the correct error codes. 53 Months Ago 53 Months Ago
Bugs 1010962 TupleDesc reference leak 71 Months Ago 52 Months Ago
Bugs 1011181 PL/Java fails to compile with -Werror=format-security 55 Months Ago 55 Months Ago

Dan Rothstein Contact Dan Rothstein Member View

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