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Developer Summary Open Date Last Modified
Dave Page Contact Dave Page Admin View

Hiroshi Inoue Contact Hiroshi Inoue Admin View
Bugs 1000660 Problem with ADODB.Recordset.Open in a table with numeric and bytea or text fields 146 Months Ago 146 Months Ago
Bugs 1010516 Carriage return added to Line Feed on conversion from SQL_LONGVARCHAR to text 116 Months Ago 116 Months Ago

Hiroshi Saito Contact Hiroshi Saito Admin View
Bugs 1005624 The limitation for number of connection with ODBC driver 134 Months Ago 134 Months Ago

Bruce Momjian Contact Bruce Momjian Senior Developer View

Peter Eisentraut Contact Peter Eisentraut Senior Developer View

Anoop Kumar Contact Anoop Kumar Senior Developer View

Ludek Finstrle Contact Ludek Finstrle Senior Developer View
Bugs 1000630 Related to bug GenerateBDDirectMethod fails in VS studio 2005 with ODBC 147 Months Ago 136 Months Ago
Bugs 1000467 Can't use (b)lobs with Omnis Studio v4 152 Months Ago 140 Months Ago

sivakumar krishnamurthy Contact sivakumar krishnamurthy Senior Developer View

Heikki Linnakangas Contact Heikki Linnakangas Senior Developer View

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