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Developer Summary Open Date Last Modified
Guillaume Smet Contact Guillaume Smet Admin View
Feature Requests 1000437 PHPDoc documentation and GPL license 149 Months Ago 149 Months Ago
Feature Requests 1010390 Report by database / user 119 Months Ago 119 Months Ago
Feature Requests 1010593 Add support for temporary file usage 108 Months Ago 108 Months Ago
Feature Requests 1010594 Error report: separate SQL and system errors 108 Months Ago 108 Months Ago
Patches 1006256 Add support for fastpath function calls 130 Months Ago 130 Months Ago
Patches 1008506 Timestamps in stderr logs not parsed 127 Months Ago 127 Months Ago
Bugs 1010210 Two bugs with parsing "HINT:" and "free space" lines 124 Months Ago 85 Months Ago
Bugs 1010614 HINT: anywhere in the line produces a parse failure 107 Months Ago 107 Months Ago
Bugs 1000795 Missing method QueryLogObject::appendDetail() 136 Months Ago 136 Months Ago

Devrim GUNDUZ Contact Devrim GUNDUZ Senior Developer View

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