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  1Npgsql .Net Data Provider for Postgresql1783231   
  2PostgreSQL OLE DB provider for Windows1095336   
  4Komo PostgreSQL Client173013   
  6Sample Databases103915   
  10PostgreSQL/EnterpriseDB Stack Builder68930   
  13PostgreSQL packages for Solaris48688   
  15DBD-Pg PPM Binaries46562   
  16PostgreSQL top44992   
  17pgtune, postgresql.conf tuning wizard40025   
  18PostgreSQL Loader39183   
  20PG Win32 Client34867   
  22OpenRPT report writer and renderer30350   
  25Practical Query Analyzer25228   
  27Indexable IPv4 range / CIDR type23395   
  31PostgreSQL Build Farm20032   
  32Table Audit19395   
  33PLpgSQL Debugger by EnterpriseDB19363   
  37pgtcl - Tcl client side interface to PG14010   
  38Full Page Write Improvement12573   
  41NSS and PAM Modules8373   
  42PostgreSQL table comparator8368   
  44Nagios monitoring plugins for PostgreSQL8034   
  48PostgreSQL datafile viewer6309   
  50Foreign Data Wrapper for Oracle5987   
  51SNMP agent for PostgreSQL5965   
  52Access (ADO) to PostgreSQL migrator5799   
  53PostgreSQL Toolbox5732   
  55DBLink and Materialized Views5598   
  63Slony-I administration scripts4111   
  66Pg Buffercache3970   
  67Pavel Stehule's collection3968   
  68MySQL Compatibility Functions3935   
  72libpq for WindowsCE3400   
  73Round-Robin SQL3326   
  75MS Access to PostgreSQL Converter3278   
  78UUID generation for FreeBSD3177   
  80Postgresql utility scripts2899   
  82PostgreSQL Data Access Application Block2752   
  83PostgreSQL Hot Backup2708   
  84ODBC Next Generation2642   
  87Postgres Forms (pfm)2601   
  89MSSQL to PGSQL conversion tool2517   
  91Open Business Accounting (OBA)2389   
  94PLPerl NG2138   
  95DTrace Probes2060   
  96Temporal PostgreSQL2005   
  97Experimental psql1870   
  100PostgreSQL Database Administration Tools1766   
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