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Rank Project name Pageviews
  1Npgsql .Net Data Provider for Postgresql2807333   
  2PostgreSQL installer839609   
  4PostgreSQL OLE DB provider for Windows488419   
  5Komo PostgreSQL Client453232   
  8DBD-Pg PPM Binaries292722   
  11Sample Databases237168   
  14PostgreSQL/EnterpriseDB Stack Builder211721   
  21PostgreSQL table comparator194125   
  24Indexable IPv4 range / CIDR type168608   
  26PostgreSQL Build Farm164588   
  28TPC-W Web Commerce Benchmark in PHP158747   
  29PostgreSQL packages for Solaris154697   
  30Foreign Data Wrapper for Oracle149404   
  31PostgreSQL Loader146937   
  32Practical Query Analyzer136371   
  33pgtune, postgresql.conf tuning wizard134827   
  36PostgreSQL RPM Building Project132136   
  37Field Level Multilingual Support for PG124899   
  38DBLink and Materialized Views122247   
  40Table Audit120938   
  41UUID generation for FreeBSD118019   
  42A PostgreSQL Interface for Tcl117888   
  47PostgreSQL top98500   
  49PostgreSQL Graphics Repository95679   
  50pgtcl - Tcl client side interface to PG94565   
  51DTrace Probes93012   
  52Slony-I administration scripts89781   
  55SNMP agent for PostgreSQL86832   
  57ODBC Next Generation86591   
  58PLpgSQL Debugger by EnterpriseDB84620   
  60PostgreSQL Translation Project80000   
  63Temporal PostgreSQL77097   
  64PLPerl NG72957   
  65WTTW PDF Report Generator72598   
  66PostgreSQL Database Administration Tools71888   
  69MySQL Compatibility Functions71453   
  71Open Business Accounting (OBA)69964   
  73Postgres Forms (pfm)68946   
  74Full Page Write Improvement67897   
  76Full Disjunction65083   
  77Wildlife Monitoring Database65041   
  79PostgreSQL Data Access Application Block64205   
  81Intuitionistic Fuzzy PostgreSQL64077   
  85Pavel Stehule's collection62557   
  86Audit Trail II62120   
  90NSS and PAM Modules60000   
  91PG Win32 Client59641   
  92PostgreSQL Live CD59471   
  97Postgresql utility scripts57005   
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