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ID Summary Open Date Assigned to Submitted by not resolvable, cvs passwd not working* 2006-02-07 17:50NobodyJoshua Bentham
1010198request for deleting project* 2007-11-28 13:01NobodyGevik Babakhani
1010433Cannot find a password for shell/web in recieved information for new project. * 2008-07-17 13:04NobodyGwyneth Morrison
1010435shell account creation for project members* 2008-07-20 13:05NobodyPeter Eisentraut
1010443I don't see t able to check out from CVS with my admin password* 2008-07-25 09:17NobodyRob Fowler
1010476drop dead projects* 2008-09-19 14:36NobodyJames Pye
1010506Lost mailing list admin password* 2008-11-04 04:23NobodyJeroen Vermeulen
1010535Please remove libpqxxobject* 2008-12-20 23:53NobodyRoger Leigh
1010691Drop dead project* 2009-08-21 20:22NobodyFederico Campoli
1010742delete project wikipedia* 2009-12-18 11:59NobodyGreg Sabino Mullane
1010858ChargeFinder Setup* 2010-07-25 07:29NobodyRoland Tritsch
1011024clear out spam out of help-with-pgfoundry* 2011-04-28 14:55NobodySerguei Mokhov
1011170delete project gitadmin* 2012-03-01 18:26NobodyPeter Eisentraut
1011619Restore password for mail list* 2016-07-27 11:19NobodyYura Sokolov
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