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2005-02-20 00:37
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Carlos Rocha (carlosrocha)
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Nobody (None)
Seems good stuff but...

Detailed description
What about us, poor M$ Windows users ?


Date: 2010-01-26 19:11
Sender: Protous Prantheon

is there a win32 version of PGCluster available?
Date: 2005-06-19 03:28
Sender: Nobody

Logged In: NO PGCluster currently does not support catching up a node after it has failed. Adding new nodes requires stopping the whole cluster to rsync the most current copy to the node being added or caught up.

It would be nice to add this feature to PGCluster. We could possibly take advantage of the point-in-time recovery feature of PostgreSQL. Obviously it would require the correct configuraiton of PostgreSQL to maintain poin-in-time logs.

Thoughts/suggestions on this?

Eric Mayo
Pozicom Technologies, INC.
Date: 2005-02-21 17:56
Sender: Carlos Rocha

Logged In: YES user_id=100103It's easy: the purpose of who runs it on windows is the same of who runs it on linux. The Postgre port for windows is done and working fine, with a few addons. It's possible now to run PG in a windows based server.
In my personal case, I'm developing an application partially based on PG and SQLite. SQLite is used for local disk storing needs, and PG is used for LAN storing and remote storing (via an hosting company). The idea is to let users to work on data while disconnected from servers, and allowing data synchronization when connected. I want the users to be able to install PG by themselves in their own LAN, and that's why I need the windows port of PG, and PGCluster might be useful.
Date: 2005-02-21 06:23
Sender: Atsushi Mitani

Logged In: YES user_id=100541I have a technical interest in converting so that PGCluster may be run by Windows.
Since I have little experience of Windows, I do not understand the purpose which runs it on Windows.
Please tell me what a Windows user expects from PGCluster.

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