[#1000393] [Pgcluster-general] Asynchronous & Disconnected Multi-Muster

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2005-09-25 13:11
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[Pgcluster-general] Asynchronous & Disconnected Multi-Muster

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Dear Mr Atsushi Mitani, hello

Can you please clarify:
is it difficult to make Pgcluster work in "asynchronous & disconnected" mode?

This request is similar to

Probably, your team had some progress on this feature? Probably, we can help your team?

For example, please consider this scenario:

1) say, we have 4 DB Servers (at location #1,2,3,4), 0 Load Balance Servers, 2 Replication Servers (at location #5,6)

2) then all 2 Replication Servers go down; or connection to a location #1 goes down, etc;
this makes some or all 4 DB Servers DISCONNECTED

3) now what we want is to continue for all 4 DB Servers (at different locations)
to operate in ASYNCHRONOUS (meaning independent of other DB Servers)
read-write mode, so they all can accept inserts/updates locally
(assuming that they are able to store all accumulated updates/changes in their local logs for later replication)

4) finally, when any 1 Replication Server comes back online, all previously accumulated changes
on DB Servers 1,2,3,4 must propagate changes to each other and become in-sync.
(serials consistency is not an issue, as our application uses UUID for everything to be used as a key)

5) Probably, there is a compromise solution exists,
say put 1 DB Server and 1 Replication Server on the same computer at each location?

Thank you very much for your time,


Mr Andrei Pozolotin


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