[#1000617] Bad returned values for table containing bool field

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2006-04-21 13:33
Submitted by:
Barbara Epis (bepis)
Assigned to:
Nobody (None)
Incorrect behavior
Bad returned values for table containing bool field

Detailed description
Dear Victor,

thanks a lot for your fast and accurate answer.
I really didn't imagine you could find the time to solve my problem in a so short time!

I downloaded the patch and it seems to work correctly, now I'm able to update and insert the records in my recordset without having any trouble.

After solving the update problem I came across a new one... could you help me?

If I open a recordset on a table containing a boolean field and the field contains a "True" value for a specific record, the cursor seems not to be filled correctly. If I try to get the value of any of the other fields, I get a null value.

Thanks in advance for your kind answer.


Date: 2006-04-27 17:44
Sender: Victor Snezhko

Hello, Barbara,
thanks for the detailed response.
Unfortunately, I'm leaving for an extended weekend till Tuesday and won't be able to fix this completely before that time.

However, that's what I noticed: if I change the type of the string column to varchar(20), there are no more nulls.

By doing a binary search, I have found the threshold: nulls appear when varchar size exceeds 127. This looks like buffer overflow somewhere, we need to investigate this further, I'll get on this next week.

Thanks again for the info, it'll hopefully allow us to fix this weird issue soon.

Date: 2006-04-21 18:34
Sender: Victor Snezhko

Hello, Barbara,

I have one more comment. I would be very thankful if you provide the table structure and ADO script you use to open the recordset. I tried to reproduce your problem and couldn't, fetching works for me.

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