[#1010896] Visual Studio integration instructions need improvement

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2010-09-19 15:15
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Aren Cambre (arencambre)
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Nobody (None)
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Visual Studio integration instructions need improvement

Detailed description
I feel that the various instructions at for design time and runtime .Net or Visual Studio integration are unclear and contradict with other statements on this web site. Following the instructions to the best of my ability means:
1. No ability to generate an Entity Framework model using Visual Studio 2010 because I never see a provider for PostgreSQL in the UI.
2. If I try to add a PostgreSQL item under Data in the Toolbox, I get this error dialog: "The following assemblies are installed SDK assemblies but could not be shown in the customize toolbox dialog because they are missing one or more components. Please make sure all necessary libraries are available: policy.2.0.Npgsql.dll." (CORRECTION: It was because I left off the trailing slash after listing the directory path.)

Suggestions for improvement:
1. Provide clear, direct instructions with concrete examples.
2. Update terminology for the current version of the product. E.g., step 5 under section 3.2 says to select "Add/Remove Element". This is outdated terminology. It's now "Choose Items" for Visual Studio 2010.
3. In 3.2: "default value of the directory ( trailing backslash )": please provide a concrete example.
4. In 2.2, clarify that you need to run the Visual Studio Command Prompt as an administrators before running gacutil.
5. There's no instructions for how to handle policy.2.0.Npgsql.dll. What do we do with this?
6. There's no guidance on where to place the Npgsql directories. It would be best for you to create a Windows installer and standardize all this, but before that, you need to give us more standardized instructions.
7. On Step 2 under 3.2, it is not clear what we are adding. The full path, including the filename, or just the reference to its parent directory, including the trailing backslash?
8. Instructions for making a connection to PostgreSQL show up in the Entity Data Model Wizard.


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