[#1011010] Option to rebuild online indexes on the target table

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2011-04-01 18:40
Submitted by:
Denish Patel (denish)
Assigned to:
Takahiro Itagaki (itagaki)
Option to rebuild online indexes on the target table

Detailed description
I gave a talk on "P90X your database!" ( recently at pgeast2011. People are very excited about the pg_reorg tool. Many people were asking for a way to rebuild index online using pg_reorg? This tool is doing great work and I would like to add this useful feature to it. Would you give some spare to add this feature ? Let me know if you need help on testing.

My "C" skills are limited but if you guide me i can try to implement this feature that will give me opportunity to understand code base as well.

Looking forward for your response.


Date: 2011-04-03 22:53
Sender: Denish Patel

Yeah, you are right as we use same method for removing bloat from indexes. I
know we can rebuild indexes with the method you described but it would be
better to automate with the tool so we don't have to use different method to
rebuild indexes and rebuild table. This is just nice addendum to this tool.
Date: 2011-04-02 04:27
Sender: Takahiro Itagaki

Great presentation!

> rebuild index online using pg_reorg?
Do you want pg_reorg to reorganize only indexes on the target table?
If so, you can use built-in CREATE INDEX CONCURRENTLY command for the purpose without pg_reorg.
i.e, CIC => DROP old indexes (=> RENAME new indexes)

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