[#1011152] default_pool_size too low for session pooling

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2012-01-25 19:52
Submitted by:
Marcus Engene (ehsmeng)
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Nobody (None)
default_pool_size too low for session pooling

Detailed description

I disagree with the default value of 20 for default_pool_size. It's reasonable for statement pooling but not (imho) for session pooling and possibly not for transaction pooling.

My humble suggestion is to remove the default value of default_pool_size for session and transaction pooling.



Date: 2012-05-29 21:40
Sender: Marko Kreen

You mean unlimited? We could do it, but who says that database max_conn is properly configured?

And it's simpler to do with max_client_conn as that mirrors
database max connections, but pool_size is per-pool.

So it depends on number of users and number of databases, in addition to pool mode and number of client connections in total.

It seems to me it's better to use small defaults and force everybody to think and configure it properly, instead of allowing use of relaxed defaults and bringing their DB down someday due to that.
Date: 2012-05-29 21:28
Sender: Marcus Engene

I completely agree there is no right or wrong, but when
undefined wouldn't it be better to defer the decision to the
database's max connections value?
Date: 2012-05-29 21:23
Sender: Marko Kreen

Although I agree the number is wrong, I am uncertain how to determine the "right" number. I don't think there can be config that works as-is for most of people.

I have thought that we could have different sample config
for each of the pooling types - session/transaction/statement - and I even imagine various settings that are good for each one. Except pool_size - it's really situation specific...

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