The Top 5 SARMs Reviewed

SARMs reviewed

Ever wondered about using SARMs to reach your full potential?

Unsure about the pros and cons of using Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators to bulk up, gain muscle mass without the fat, and boost your strength?

Confused about which SARMs are useful, which are useless, and which might even be dangerous? Uncertain which SARMS do what in the forest of names and numbers?

Step right this way.

While there are disclaimers to make around the use of SARMS – see below for details – we can show you the best SARMS in development and testing, and the different effects they could have within a bodybuilding context.

Best SARMs

1. MK-2866 (Ostarine)


Ostarine, also known as Enobosarm or MK-2866 on the basis that if something’s worth naming, it’s worth naming thrice, was originally developed as a treatment for people with muscle wastage due to illness.

The logic of people who are strongly into bodybuilding being interested in it is obvious and inescapable – if it can build muscle mass in cases of chronic need, you can understand why bodybuilders feel it could help them build muscle density and strength when their need is driven not by a physical lack of viable muscle but a desire for more muscle, more sharply pronounced.

Despite the disclaimers, it’s been taken by bodybuilders both to bulk up and during cutting phases to add definition to their physique. As the most inherently anabolic of SARMS, it’s also been used by some as a step-down stage from actual anabolic steroids when users have sensibly wanted to distance themselves from the proven harmful effects of those chemicals.

Obviously, apart from the use to which they’re put and the people who are qualified to handle them – see below – it matters where you get your SARMs from, because they’re highly complex in terms of how they can be legally and ethically used. Those who are dedicated to using them for purposes which are outside the law might not care so much where they get them from, but that opens people up to a roulette wheel of supply chains, purity of product and the like. is a reputable supplier of Ostarine. The site has third-party analyses on every page, showing the legitimacy and quality of the products it sells. As such, if you’re legally permitted to handle Ostarine within laboratory conditions, it’s a good source of the SARM with which to work. The website has 10mg Ostarine capsules and also raw Ostarine powder to meet the needs of your research.

NB: this product is strictly for laboratory and research purposes only.


  • Has been used in clinical conditions to add muscle to those with wasting conditions
  • Anecdotal user experience suggests it’s able to help bodybuilders during bulking and cutting phases of their regime
  • Very similar to anabolic steroids, but – subject to research and safe certification – seems to be free of the side effects of such steroids


  • Currently used legally only within a research context

2. RAD-140 (Testolone)


Originally created as a potential treatment for breast cancer and a potential preventative for muscular dystrophy, Testolone or RAD-140 has become better known among bodybuilders as an enormously effective bulking SARM.

Although legally supplied expressly on the understanding that it be handled only by qualified professional researchers, especially while research into its longer term effects on the body is ongoing, bodybuilders who have taken it report noticeable effects on their muscle strength and bulk from very low dosages of this SARM.

Given such strength and potency, where bodybuilders have taken it, it has usually required a post-cycle (steroid cycle) therapy supplement to re-balance the body’s normal mechanisms.
So, number one – it’s illegal to take it as a bodybuilding supplement at the moment, but can be used by qualified researchers. Number two – when it has been taken in a bodybuilding regime, only very small doses are needed to get results in terms of the bulking up of muscle.

Number three of the things worth knowing about Testolone is that it’s also been seen to boost the lean mass of the body, due to the nature of the SARM – it interacts selectively with the androgen receptors in the muscles, rather than in the more globally anabolic way of steroids.

A fourth thing to know – and maybe to question – is the idea that Testolone has recently been shown in studies to be safer than traditional testosterone replacement therapies.
Testolone is currently being investigated by pharmaceutical companies as a steroid-similar bulking treatment, without steroid-like effects.

It’s believed that Testolone is so strong that an otherwise healthy person might gain up to 19 pounds of lean mass within 6–7 weeks, which, if proven and permitted for supply as an additive, would make it one of the best, fastest-acting, supplements for bodybuilders looking to enhance their muscle mass.

As with all SARMs, they should only be handled by qualified researchers as yet, and the reputations of SARM suppliers are still being built., like, is a supplier with a strong ethical core that can only supply products for laboratory use, to licensed professionals.

That said, it’s worth watching for developments on Testolone, because if it does everything that researchers hope it does, and remains side effect-free, it could revolutionize the bulking regimes of bodybuilders everywhere.


  • Claimed to add lean mass at a phenomenal rate
  • Also claimed in anecdotal tests to add significant bulk at very small doses
  • Reportedly safer than traditional testosterone replacement therapies


  • Currently illegal as a supplement, only for use by licensed researchers
  • When used in bodybuilding, requires a PCT afterwards to re-balance the body’s functions

3. LGD-4033


LGD-4033, more catchily known as Ligandrol (or Anabolicum, or VK 5211), began life as a potential cure for breast and prostate cancer. It’s also being investigated as we speak as a preventative for muscular dystrophy, osteoporosis and other musculoskeletal conditions. Here’s hoping.

In the meantime, and again in violation of current laws which limit its supply to researchers, bodybuilders have discovered it can also help them bulk up and enhance lean mass.

If that sounds like a version of Ostarine, you’ve been paying attention. It’s actually considered a sort of younger brother to Ostarine, but with a concentration and potency much higher than its predecessor. As such, were it legal to do so, builders would have to take it in significantly smaller doses than the predecessor drug, because wow. Did we mention it’s also been noted to heighten sex drive in those who have taken it?

Definitely a thing worth knowing as and when it ever hits stores for legal supply to the bodybuilding community as a muscle enhancer or a bone reinforcer.

Should that happen, it’s also worth knowing that Ligandrol should be an easily stackable SARM, as it doesn’t cause water retention and seemingly also doesn’t affect estrogen levels.

It would however need to be supplemented with a Post Cycle Therapy after each cycle of the SARM, because the dosage would increase with each cycle up to a maximum, while the user was losing fat weight.


  • Shown to add bulk and lean mass
  • Potentially reinforces bone strength
  • Cuts fat weight if correctly taken
  • Boosts sex drive in those who’ve taken it
  • Should be a safe, easy SARM to stack


  • Still in testing phase, not legally available to anyone but researchers at present
  • When legally used, would require a Post Cycle Therapy after taking to re-balance body functions

4. MK-677 (Nutrobal)


Disclaimer – Nutrobal isn’t really a SARM, but it works in the same way as many SARMs, with similar potential benefits and side effects.

It’s intended to boost energy, enhance muscle mass and increase bone density. But in tests, it’s also been noted to increase appetite, which will be a thing to watch if and when it’s allowed for general use.

The way Nutrobal works is to selectively antagonize the ghrelin receptors and mimic the role of ghrelin (a chemical with controls hunger). That mimicry stimulates the pituitary gland and hypothalamus into releasing growth hormones like somatropin and insulin.

This sounds like it should be a contradiction in terms, but while promoting lean muscle growth, and without notably altering the hormone levels in the body, Nutrobal promotes both sex drive and sleep, to boost overall vitality.

Within its clinical context, Nutrobal is being tested for the potential treatment of growth hormone deficiency and bone degenerative disorders. Its sleep-promotion capabilities might also help users overcome anxiety and lower aggression – an usual effect in SARMs.


  • Boosts energy
  • Promotes lean muscle growth
  • Heightens sex drive
  • Mellows aggression


  • Currently only available to professional researchers

5. S-4 (Andarine)


Andarine, (also known as Acetamidoxolutamide, Androxolutamide, or GTx-007) is one of the original lean muscle mass boosters. It works a lot like actual steroids, with the SARM difference of selective operation on androgenic receptors.

It was initially developed to treat muscle degeneration, breast cancer, prostate cancer and osteoporosis. In bodybuilding and athletic use, it has been used to increase muscle mass and oxidize body fat in bulking and cutting as a replacement for full-on anabolic steroids.

Compared to many SARMs, Andarine is fairly mild. It doesn’t aromatize, so it’s free of estrogen release risks – at least as far as research has yet proven – and should also be free of any cardiovascular dangers. In fact, if safely used, it should help with bone, muscle and joint repair – an additional bonus for bodybuilders as and when it’s legally available.

Where bodybuilders have used it, there have been some issues when they’ve taken higher dosages. Over 40mg a day, issues of vision loss have been reported – something to watch for as and when it can be safely, legally used.

That said, it’s also been noted to boost sex drive and strengthen bones. It’s a SARM that should be easily stackable, and when able to be legally used in a bodybuilding regime, it should be effective at helping users with their cutting and bulking.


  • Mild SARM
  • Doesn’t aromatize
  • Increases muscle mass
  • Oxidizes body fat, to help with bulking and cutting


  • As yet, only legally available to professional researchers
  • Some issues of vision loss reported when taken in large doses

SARMs Buyers Guide


Proven Peptides products are furnished for LABORATORY USE ONLY. These products should only be handled by qualified and licensed professionals. The product may not be used as a drug, agricultural or pesticidal product, food additive or household chemical – and may not be misbranded as such. All information on this website is available for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Bodily introduction of any kind into humans and/or animals is strictly forbidden by law.

Bodybuilding is a process that requires a considerable amount of time along with loads of physical efforts. SARMs make this whole process easier and faster and deliver the benefits of anabolic steroids. You can also use legal and natural steroids instead of SARMs and anabolic steroids.

Overall, SARMs should be consumed only after consideration of your health practitioner and shall be taken in effective dosages to enjoy the maximum benefits it possesses. Also, the whole process of SARMs use is very different from person to person, therefore it is advisable to create an ideal dosage for achieving faster and effective results.

That said, when SARMs are legally available for bodybuilding, there are several things to consider.

Match Your SARM To Your Regime

Each SARM is useful for particular things – bulking, cutting, promotion of lean tissue, oxidizing body fat. You should always be careful when adding SARMs to your regime. Be aware what you want the SARM to help you achieve particularly. Make sure you choose the SARMs that get you the best results for your particular regime.

A Little Goes A Long Way

There are ways of looking at introducing SARMs to your regime. Do you want to go for the more intense SARMs, where a tiny amount gives you extreme bulking, and where overuse could lead to problems, or do you want to introduce them in a milder version first, so your body becomes accustomed to their actions more gradually? There’s no single right answer on this, but knowing what you want to achieve, and the degree to which you’re prepared for the changes they can bring, should guide your buying habits.

Buy Through Trustworthy Networks

SARMs are currently only available legally to professional, qualified researchers for use in laboratory settings. If and when that changes, be careful who you buy them from. Ideally – especially when buying online – go with companies or websites with a proven history of third-party testimonials and making ethical selling decisions.

As with many buying decisions, word of mouth will help you here, so you don’t buy SARMs from disreputable companies that might not be delivering on either quality and effectiveness or rigorous ethical supply standards. We have given details of two ethical and review-heavy sources of supply within this article.

There may be others, but these two currently supply ethically to researchers, and will be among the first wave to supply ethically to bodybuilding consumers as and when it becomes legal to do so.

Stack With Care

If you’re going to stack your SARMs, make sure you read the small print about stacking individual SARMs and the way to avoid any side effects from their stacking – the last thing you want is to combine several individually useful SARMs incorrectly and risk complications from your stacking. Be sure you understand the stackability of your SARMs before you buy, to mitigate potential consequences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are SARMs legal for bodybuilding?

Not as yet. Right now, they’re available only to qualified researchers for use in laboratory settings. That said, many bodybuilders have used them, without hard and fast knowledge of any potential side effects, on the grounds that the side effects from anabolic steroids are increasingly well-known and warned against.

How can SARMS help bodybuilders?

That depends on the SARM you use. Some, as we’ve shown here, are hyper-effective in the bulking phase of a bodybuilding regime, some encourage the growth of lean mass or the oxidizing of body fat, to boost cutting regimes.

Many have additional potential benefits like increasing energy and vitality, promoting hunger, or increasing sexual appetite – which arguably also counts as a side effect.

What are the side effects of SARMs?

Currently under investigation, for the most part. As yet, SARMs are not permissible for sale as supplements to the bodybuilding community, and using them in competition will earn you an automatic doping charge. That’s precisely because the potential side effects of SARMs are still being investigated.

Short term research suggests their selective modulation of androgen receptors, as opposed to the more global modulation attributed to anabolic steroids, is relatively side effect-lite, but until research is completed and they’re released as a commercial alternative to steroids for bodybuilders, there’s no concrete information on what the side effects might be.

That said, side effects are always likely if chemical compounds are misused – in some of those we’ve listed, taking higher doses has resulted in vision issues, for instance.

Uncertainty on side effects, coupled with current illegality within bodybuilding circles, is what means this article is for information purposes only.

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