About ProGains Foundry

As a kid I always struggled with my weight. It wasn’t that I was lazy – I spent all my time riding my bike, hiking around with friends, playing sports. But no matter how much effort I exerted I was always a pudgy kid, and it frustrated me.

To fight back against that stigma of being the fat kid, I made a lot of unhealthy choices in my life. I tried lots of fad diets, starving myself – pretty much anything I could find to try to change my appearance and physique. As a result I spent a lot of time feeling bad, which just exacerbated the problem.

benchThings started to change for me in college. I had access to both better equipment and more importantly better information, which drastically changed my level of fitness. I learned that spending too much time doing – or eating – the wrong things will never give you the results you want. And I learned how small changes in technique and nutrition can catapult your success.

So ProGains Foundry was created from my journey from fat to fit. It is my desire that everyone would find the level of fitness and health they desire, and I hope that comes through in the posts and articles on this site. I do ask that if you have an interesting story, anecdote, or creative training technique, please send it in.

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